Houses are being decorated, costumes get their final touches and the stores are filled with candy, party decorations and face painting supplies. Halloween in Wexford is approaching! Have you made any plans yet? No, well then here are some scary things to do in the cities of County Wexford.

Enniscorthy Castle is opening the Paranormal Wexford Exhibition on the 21st October running until 5th November. Here you can explore the haunting public paranormal investigations carried out by Wexford Paranormal, across the South-East region. An organization that can explain everything about paranormal activities. Tickets are €40.

Enniscorthy Castle offers you a variety of other scary and fun events like Chilling Halloweens Tales, pumpkin carving, face painting and many other fun activities and workshops from 27th October till 31st October. Normal castle admissions apply.

If you feel like taking your mind off of the scary stories you can take a stroll through the town center and get a bite to eat at The Bailey Bar & Eatery.


In Gorey, you can actually experience a paranormal activity yourself. Halloween Dare to Scare Tour offers you a scary experience you will never forget. And not in a good way. From 26th October till 31st October for only €11 Wells House and Gardens will take you down to the dungeons and if you listen carefully, you can hear the whispers of the past.

To make matters worse a werewolf has been known to roam the woods and so The Hunter is going to face the monster that seeks its prey! You can join The Hunter on his mission and aid him in his quest but the woods are watching and so they cannot guarantee you a safe passage.


If that didn’t scare you, then you have to get on this train between 21st October and 5th November! But be warned! You may never leave again and that’s not because you don’t want to…

The Amber Springs Halloween Train Experience is taken over by zombies and it’s up to you to find a way to escape their clutches as the train slowly trundles onwards into the dark. What if something happens? With no one to save you and nowhere to run?! This is your chance to let everybody know you can survive a zombie apocalypse. Help others and fight off the onslaught of walking corpses coming your way… Book your tickets online now for €10!


I don’t know about you but this is giving me the chills. But luckily there are plenty of child-friendly non-scary things to do as well!

Are you looking for a fun day to spend with the kids? You should go to Wexford! Wexford Arts Centre has a great Halloween program this year from 27th October till 31st October suitable for any age. Tickets range from €2 to €7,50. Learn how to carve a pumpkin from Anne Manning or listen to the scary stories of the witch Witchy-Poo. Experiment on your friend and learn how to face paint some terrifying characters.

A spooky costume is never complete without some good face paint. So before you go trick or treating pay a visit and request the scariest and unusual character or paint it yourself! If you have collected as many sweets as you can, go to the Presentation Centre and eat those delicious treats while watching the famous Halloween movie Hocus Pocus! If I were you, I’d bring my Teddy because things might get scary…

Have you always wanted to celebrate Halloween with seals and has it been on your bucket list for ages now? Because I do! And from 28th October till 30th October is the time to finally cross it off your list. Seal Rescue Ireland is having a Spooky Splash Halloween Bash. There are lots and lots of things to do so you won’t get bored. For example, join the costume contest and go on a scavenger hunt. Or carve a pumpkin and play a lot of games! All this fun for only €5!


So, plenty of reason for you to get out and do a lot of terrifying activities this Halloween! If you’re brave enough…

Here are your options in a quick look. Go to Enniscorthy Castle and choose between a variety of different things to do. Go to the dungeons at the Wells House and Garden in Gorey or visit the petrifying train at the Amber Springs Hotel. Wexford Arts Centre also has a lot of things to do for you and your kids! Finally do the one thing that’s been on you bucket list for ages and celebrate Halloween with seals at the Seals Rescue Ireland! There are a lot more fun and exciting things to do in the cities of County Wexford so come and take a look!

Well, I am ready for Halloween! Are You?